Up and Running

           We are so excited that our Summer 2015 Fellowship Program is up and running this week. Our fellow, Macie Bayer, began her time working with the Boys and Girls Club of Provo on Monday. Macie just graduated from Brigham Young University and looks to make the most out of this experience before she heads to Washington D.C. for her next work related opportunity.

           She spent the first half of the week familiarizing herself with the facilities, the staff and their procedures. She worked hard to prepare the club for the first day of summer programs including decorating bulletin boards. By the end of Tuesday the club was ready to take on the summer and all of its activities! Macie was extremely excited to meet some of the kids she will be working with this summer. They spent their first day together running through sprinklers, playing card games, and learning about robots from the club’s STEM instructor.

           Going into the latter half of the week, Macie has continued to get to know the club and the members. She loved helping with Dance Club and performing all together for everyone else. Specifically, she enjoyed learning from Dora, a club member, about how games that are played differently in China. Macie finished out Thursday making friendship bracelets and playing some “get to know each other” games with the Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd graders. Macie can’t wait for their first field trip of the summer - either to the pool with younger kids or on a hike with the older kids!