6 Toasts to End 2016

We tried some new approaches throughout the year: we added three new partners, we piloted our fall fellowship, and we constantly learned and evolved along the way.

Let's kick off the new year right with gratitude and cheers. 

1.   Here’s to our eight ridiculously inspiring and driven fellows in 2016, who will go on to work in areas ranging from social work and public education, to urban planning, and international law. Real game-changers in the world.

2.   Here’s to the early donors that found value in our mission to cultivate leaders, strengthen nonprofits, and support youth. You helped make the startup possible just two years ago.

3.   Here’s to our supporters that specifically donated in November and December, who will touch the lives of twelve fellows in 2017.

4.   To the community members our fellows reached in their individual fundraising campaigns, which raised a cumulative $4,520 this year.

5.   To our seven partner organizations around the country in 2016, where, both, staff and youth welcomed our fellows with open arms.

6.   And, of course, here’s to you for simply visiting our blog today! Make sure to check out some of our favorites while you're here: Marisa on Youth and Economics in North Lake Tahoe, an interview with Rina, or Tara's article, Structuring Youth Programs to be Inclusive, Targeted, and Relevant.