5 Fellow Blog Posts to Wrap Up 2017

A lot of people around the internet are talking about how trying this past year has been. There's no denying that 2017 was rough, but it was also a year of continuing to build a community of people who truly believe in advancing skills of leaders.

During the last week of the year, we’re looking back at blog posts that best capture our fellows’ work. Some of the stories that stuck with us the most are the ones where fellows explore a pressing issue in their community or share insight on their experiences being both a fellow and a program participant at one of our partner organizations.

Bringing Two Perspectives to Program Development

by Clarissa Mejia

Clarissa's lived experience as a YSS program participant and first generation college student informed her work in program development for young people like herself. Read more


Building Confidence and Healthy Lifestyles Through Swim

by Joie Probst

Though drowning is the second leading cause of death in youth under 14, many kids have never taken swim lessons. Joie reflects on the impact of  piloting a swim program in her community. Read more


Community Spaces as an Oasis for Health and Wellness

by Joie Probst

In Iowa, one in eight people go hungry. Joie explores issues around food deserts and shares a few supports Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Iowa provides its Club families. Read more


Resource Scarcity in Rural Communities

by Denisha Renovales

Denisha considers ways in which poverty and a lack of resource impact rural communities in the Midwest and across the United States compared to in larger cities. Read more

teen mentorship.jpg

Engaging Alumni Through Mentorship and Personal Development

by Nathaly Arias

As an alumna of Fiver, Nathaly breaks down the organization's programs and uses her experience as a Fiver alum to build a program that re-engages other alumni in mentorship and growth. Read more


These 5 blog posts cover topics across the board - from the power of program participants developing new programs, to exploring issues of food deserts, rural resource shortages, and swimming fatalities in low-income areas - but they all come from the hearts of future leaders and changemakers. We can't wait to hear the stories yet to be told by 18 new fellows we will work with in 2018.