5 Insightful Fellow Blog Posts to Read

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Today, we are taking a look at 5 insightful fellow blog posts over the past two years. Each post was written by a previous fellow during their fellowship. They highlight stories of special moments with youth, project successes, challenges, and lessons learned along the way. From facilitating family engagement workshops to implementing a health program, building evaluation tools, or coordinating a large event, these five blog posts provide a glimpse of the skills and experiences our fellows take away from the fellowship.


Engaging the Family as a Unit

by Rina Hernández

We love this post because Rina is able to explain how she turned her accomplishments and the relationships built along the way into a job with the partner organization post-fellowship. Read More


Structuring Youth Programs to be Inclusive, Targeted, and Relevant

by Tara Porchia

In this post, Tara shares how she approached and overcame real challenges implementing a large health program with community partnerships. Read More


Youth Volunteerism and Incorporating Youth Voice into Programs

by Bryan Zinschlag

This post illustrates how Bryan developed evaluation tools and incorporated the results into a volunteerism program that that engages and inspires youth. Read more


Community Economics and its Effect on Youth

by Marisa Lenci

We love the critical and reflective lens Marisa applies to this post about income inequality where she served and how it relates to the work she did with youth. Read More


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