Have a fellow work on-site, full-time with your youth-oriented nonprofit. 

FLIA is not currently accepting applications for our fellowship programs. By July 2018, we will be releasing the fellowship dates for our Summer 2019 and Fall 2019 cohorts.  We're looking to place between 8-10 fellows nationwide during each cohort. Visit here to learn more about hosting a fellow.

Please reach out to Kirsten with potential project ideas before the applications are opened. We're happy to discuss project options. 


We will be evaluating the following in determining our partners:

  • Project falls within the scope of FLIA’s three focus areas: Advancing Skills for Success, Promoting Public Health and Protecting the Environment
  • Project focuses on developing, implementing, or enhancing an enrichment program that benefits the youth you serve
  • Project scope is realistic for the fellowship timeline, but ensures the fellow will have substantial work experience
  • Commitment to continuing the fellow’s work after the fellowship