Emma Dellopoulos with YSS


Emma built upon YSS’s existing school-based mentoring program to develop a community-based mentoring program for youth in YSS’s emergency shelter, in addiction treatment, and in transitional living . YSS identified a need for community-based mentoring because there were youth who would benefit from the program, but fell outside the traditional school systems. The goal of community-based mentoring is to increase positive behaviors during their treatment programs, decrease negative behaviors, foster resilience toward alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs, and build positive adult relationships for youth in dire need.


Created YSS’s Community-Based Mentoring Manual, a resource for the person facilitating mentor-mentee matches in the future 

Outlined a mentor training program 

Established a procedure to create mentor matches 

Created system of evaluation for the program 


60 youth projected to be matched with a mentor in a given program year

Articles written by Emma