What We Look for in Applicants

Photo Credit: Doug Cody

Photo Credit: Doug Cody

In our fellowship screening process, we carefully review each applicant and take note of common factors like potential, relevant experience, and critical thinking skills. However, we’ve found there are many additional qualities in future leaders and change-makers that don’t fit within the confines of a traditional resume and cover letter submission. That’s why we ask you to share your resume and authentically respond to three specific questions in the application process.

As we read and consider your application, here are some additional qualities we are looking for:

A desire to enter the social sector

As a fellow, you work in a capacity-building role with one of our partners. This means that the work you do strengthens the organization’s programs and supports them in reaching youth more effectively. At the same time, it is a workforce development program designed to give you the necessary tools needed to enter the social sector workforce and affect change in your community.

You do not have to already have affected that change in your community to be a qualified candidate. Our mission is to support you in getting there.

If you have experience working with youth that is not listed your resume, be sure to include it somewhere in your responses to the three question prompts.

The ability to reflect

We believe there is power in the reflection process, and that is why it is a key component of our fellowship program. In order to learn from your experiences, you have to pause to look for that learning moment, reflect on it, and adapt accordingly. You will get the most out of this experience, and any experience, if you value and practice intentional reflection. This openness to reflection often shines through in the written response portion of the application.

Initiative and potential

We repeat: You do not need to have a long list of prior achievements in order to be considered as an applicant. The struggle to exist in the world and find meaningful, entry-level work that pays a living wage is real. We know that and we are actively working to challenge that system.

What we want to know is if you have projects, courses, or social issues that you’ve been working on and thinking about, or want to eventually work on. What have you pursued passionately, wholeheartedly, and put hard work into? Are you challenging yourself to learn and grow?

We strive to hear the story and full picture of each applicant. Because of this, our selection process is methodical and labor-intensive, but we will always notify you of where you stand after the application deadline has passed and all applications have been reviewed. If you have any other questions along the way, feel free to contact Kirsten at kirsten@futureleadersinaction.org