Frequently Asked Questions


Who is eligible for the FLIA Fellowship?

Self-identified emerging leaders in the social sector. You must have work authorization or be able to obtain work authorization.


What is the application process?

  1. Online application with resume, basic contact information, and three questions that replace a cover letter. The responses to the three questions can be submitted either in writing or verbally through an uploaded video or audio file.

  2. First round video interview with FLIA staff

  3. Final round interview with staff at the partner nonprofit

Note: We notify all candidates regarding the status of their applications as they move through the process.  


Do you have any advice or resources to help me submit a strong application?

Yes! Read the two articles below for insight on specific qualities we look for in candidates and resume tips directly from us. 

What We Look for in Applicants

3 Surprising Things You Can Include on a Resume


When are the applications due?

To be considered for a Summer 2019 fellowship, submit by March 24, 2019.


What are the hours required?

FLIA requires that fellows work between 35-40 hours/week. The hours follow those of the partner organizations. Some positions will require working in the evening or weekend occasionally, but most of the hours are during the work week.


How does payroll work?

FLIA pays the stipend every other Friday. The amount listed in each job description is the pre-tax amount.


Does FLIA provide housing?

No. FLIA provides housing during the retreat, but during the fellowship you are responsible for your own housing unless explicitly stated.


What is it like to be a FLIA fellow?

We believe that our fellows share the most accurate picture. We encourage you to watch the videos below and read their stories on our blog. Below, we've selected a few fellow stories that encapsulate the program:


What does the fellowship program actually include?

The fellowship is a three-month long leadership development program. It starts with a mandatory leadership training retreat for the first week of your fellowship. FLIA has created curriculum over the last few years to provide fellows with tools to become more effective in the workplace and leaders during the fellowship and beyond.

Summer 2018 fellow, Josh reported, β€œThe retreat allowed me to dive in-depth into my project, expand my knowledge on various aspects of the social sector, meet new people, and have fun.”

The support and tools continue throughout the fellowship. We foster a sense of community virtually using an online communication platform, and FLIA staff provides continuous individual coaching, support, and connections.


Is there any way to extend the fellowship program?

Fellowships are not extended beyond the initial three-months unless there are extraneous circumstances.


Can I be a fellow more than once?

You are not able to be a fellow more than once. However, we are working to develop a Senior Fellowship role for individuals who have already participated in our fellowship program.


If I do not receive an offer this time, can I apply for a future fellowship opportunity?

Yes, we encourage applicants to apply for opportunities again! In the past, we have had fellows apply for multiple cohorts before receiving an offer. This does not indicate a shortcoming of the individual, but rather reflects the different applicant pools and the growth between application periods.


How can I recommend someone for the fellowship?

We encourage you to share the application with anyone you think would be a good fit for the program.


I still have additional questions. How should I get them answered?

Please email Kirsten at We are unable to have phone calls to discuss the opportunities or questions due to the size of our small staff.