Kendra Woodstead with YSS


Kendra worked with YSS on YSS University, a training program for staff and other stakeholders.She worked on developing a plan for YSS University based on understanding what staff and others wanted from YSS University. Additionally, Kendra developed YSS 101, an orientation program, and compiled an easy-to-use course catalog of the various trainings offered by YSS at this time.


  • Performed outreach with staff, board members, clients, and other stakeholders through interviews and both informal and formal surveys

  • Developed and presented proposed plan based on the findings through outreach

  • Developed YSS 101, an orientation program, that will ensure that each person has an understanding of YSS as a whole

  • Compiled existing trainings offered at YSS and organized in a course catalog that is easy to navigate


Once YSS University all youth YSS serves will be impacted through access to their own and staff access to trainings (approx. 4,000-6,500 youth annually)

Articles written by Kendra