Rachel Shelton with Boys & Girls Clubs of Portland


Rachel created a database of community resources for the Youth & Family Services division of Boys & Girls Clubs of Portland (BGCP). This will streamline the resource referral process and allow families to access the resources online through BGCP’s website.


  • Interviewed YFS staff members at each Club site to identify known resources along with needs of their Club members and families

  • Surveyed the community to determine the resources they access, what kind of resources they would like to know about, what additional resources they thought BGCP should offer, and how they prefer to find out about new resources

  • Researched and recorded agencies offering resources identified as priorities and organized for staff to access

  • Created webpage with information about YFS that listed resources available at each Club site, as well as external resources available to each community


Approx. 5,000 youth each year

Articles written by Rachel