Leah Kenney with Boys & Girls Clubs of Portland


Leah worked to develop and expand Boys & Girls Clubs of Portland Healthy Lifestyles youth programs.  This consisted of extensive research into existing programs and activities as well as administering surveys to Club leadership and program staff. She also worked to restructure the way in which program resources were stored and categorized to help program staff find what they need to successfully lead youth programs. Leah also coordinated the ZooSnooze, an overnight field trip for youth at the Oregon Zoo.


  • Researched existing programs and activities for best practicies

  • Conducted Club site visits to gain understanding of existing programming and areas for improvement

  • Surveyed staff for input and direction of existing programming and organization system

  • Set a date and booked ZooSnooze


Up to 1,000 youth throughout a given program year

Articles written by Leah