Clare Connaughton with Fiver Children's Foundation


Clare worked as a Program Outreach Fellow with Fiver Children’s Foundation to streamline Fiver’s outreach efforts. She surveyed program staff, Fiver participants, and families to understand current outreach efforts, processes, and challenges. Through this information, she developed a handbook that provides processes, timelines and trainings for outreach efforts based on the program or opportunity along with the database or software being used.


  • Met with and surveyed Program Supervisors, Fiver participants and families about current outreach efforts

  • Observed Fiver’s core programs and family events, which included informal interviews about needs for outreach

  • Reviewed existing outreach systems and processes and researched alternatives

  • Created Fiver Outreach Handbook that included step-by-step procedures for different types of programming and systems on identified best practices for Fiver based on surveys, observations and research


300 youth annually

Articles written by Clare