Lavanyaa Shralan with YSS


Lavanyaa worked with YSS and Iowa State University to create a Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC). She worked to research Collegiate Recovery Community models and develop a 10-year plan for the execution of the CRC. The goal of the Collegiate Recovery Community is to provide a safe environment on campus and provide support to those who are or were in recovery.


  • Created surveys for Iowa State community staff and students to identify the priorities for the CRC

  • Researched existing CRC’s and learned about strategies and potential roadblocks through interviews with other institutions

  • Planned a focus group meeting with Iowa State University staff to determine priorities for the CRC

  • Developed 10-year plan for Iowa State University’s CRC


YSS and Iowa State launched the Collegiate Recovery Community with their first sober tailgate on September 22, 2018.

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